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lostfichallenge's Journal

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Lost Fanfiction Challenge
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Welcome to lostfichallenge. Every two weeks, a challenge will be issued to all fanfiction writers who choose to accept it. It could be a word, a sentence, song lyrics, a certain ship, the list goes on. In the course of a week, writers will submit anything from a 100 word drabble to a oneshot the size of Alaska that fits the challenge. Voting by poll will then commence and the top stories will win a pretty banner to display in their journal.

Sounds fun? Good.


1. This is a very open community. Every rating from G to NC-17, every ship one can come up, both het and slash. All are allowed. There are basically no guidelines for what sort of fic one can enter into a challenge. Go crazy.

2. No flaming. Helpful criticism is one thing, hurtful insults are quite another.

3. All stories need to be placed under a LJ-cut. If you don't know how, ask me. I'm always willing to help.

4. Please remember that this is not a community to post any fanfiction that is not for a challenge. There are many general Lost fanfic communities, such as lostfanfic, lost_fanfic, ficinabottle, etc.

5. New challenges will be issued Monday morning. The time slot for entering stories will be from when the challenge is first posted to Saturday afternoon. A poll containing all stories will then be posted so that voting can commence until Sunday afternoon. There will be a notice up when the voting period has ended. If less then five entries are entered for a certain contest, the number of places will vary. If six or more are entered, there will be a first, second, and third place, and maybe even a Moderator's Choice, depending on the number of entries.


isis2015 - Mod
tellshannon815 - Co-Mod
janie_tangerine - Banner Maker



Would you like to affiliate with lostfichallenge? Leave a comment in the community's first post with the name of your community. I'm only too happy to oblige.

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