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05 July 2010 @ 02:43 am
1. Since there was only one entry for Challenge #106: Friendship, and the challenge has been going on for three weeks, I'm just going to declare that entry the winner:

It Only Matters Who We Are by tellshannon815

If you'd like a banner, just leave a comment. :)

2. We still really need more votes for Challenge #105: What Happened Next, so please vote if you haven't already.

3. The lostquee summer luau has begun! Since many of our members (and the two mods) will be participating and will more than likely have enough on their plates, we've decided to do what we've done in years past and put the community on hiatus for the duration of the luau. I hope everyone has a good time. :D The luau never disappoints.
Creature Of Hobbit: amytellshannon815 on July 5th, 2010 09:20 pm (UTC)
Yes please, I'd like a banner, thanks!